Diffuser sticks signature blend No. 2

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Set with the byKorshom signature essential oil blend No. 2 and five diffuser sticks. Place the reeds in the opened bottle and they will bring a lovely scent and invigorating ambient to any room where you place them.

The No. 2 signature blend of essential oils by Korsholm is a strengthening and rejuvenating blend of Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary, which are all known for their strengthening properties. It will bring you a sense of vitality yet add a grounding ambient to any room.

A stick diffuser is easy to use in any room where you want to give your senses a boost and help ground yourself or a party of guests. This set provides a mild and lasting scent to your home or office. Choose the strength of scent in the room by adding or removing sticks. Optimal strength of scent will last for at least six months.



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