Ceramic diffuser with signature Essential Oil kit

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This set with a lovely byKorsholm ceramic diffuser and our signature essential oil kit with all three of our signature blends of essential oils is perfect to create any calming, rejuvenating, or balancing ambient in rooms at home, at the yoga studio or at work.


The byKorsholm ceramic diffuser is perfect whenever you want to give your senses a boost. This ceramic diffuser adds a decorative element, while also providing a lovely scent when turned on. It is the perfect tool to add a calming, invigorating, or grounding ambience to any room at any time. And it is super easy to use – all you do is choose your scent, open the lid of the diffuser, add 100 mls of water and 5-7 drops of essential oils, close the lid and turn on the diffuser. This will give you a wonderful aromatherapeutic experience in your home, clinic or yoga studio or at your office

No.1 Balance pure essential oil blend of Vetiver, Bergamot & Clary Sage – will provide you with a sense of calm, ease of mind, and relaxation. This essential oil is perfect when you need a moment of calm and relaxation in a busy day or needs mental clarity and a moment to gather your thoughts.

No.2 Strength pure essential oil blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Frankincense – a blend of essential oils that has an invigorating and stimulating effect and supports your airways as well as your ability to focus. This essential oil is perfect when you need a boost of energy and wants to gain mental clarity, especially suitable whenever you experience brain fog or tiredness or need to perform that little bit extra. Also highly recommended for colds and headaches.

No.3 Calm pure essential oil blend of Lavender & Cedar Wood – this scent has a calming and relaxing effect that helps you reach a deep sense of wellness. The unique combination of Lavender and Cedar Wood creates a marvellous synergy that helps you release tension and find calm and rest of body and mind. This essential oil blend is perfect when you need a little extra calm or a helping hand to wind down before bedtime.

Use this diffuser-set to create a relaxing and sensuous vibe to wind down after a busy day, to help you into your meditation practice, to lift the spirit when you are feeling down or whenever you want to enhance a grounding, calming or invigorating ambience to any room.

Choose between pink, white, grey or black diffusers – there is a diffuser to match any interior style.

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pink, white, grey, black


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