No. 3 Calm Infusion – Botanical tea blend

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No.3 Calm Infusion – Botanical tea blend

A lovely tea blend of 7 different herbs:

Liquorice, Mint, Chamomile, Wild Pansy, Rose Petals, Lavender

Focus on calm, relaxation, and wellness.


This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold at night or whenever you need to relax. The calming herbs help you calm down and unwind, so you can get your beauty sleep.

How to brew the tea:

  • Place the tea blend in a pot or cup within a tea filter
  • Pour boiling water on the herbs
  • Let the herbs infuse in the water for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • We recommend that you let the herbs infuse for as long as 30 minutes or even longer, to extract as much taste and beneficial compounds as possible from the herbs.
  • Let the tea cool for a premium taste experience.
  • You can soak the same herbs in fresh water to make tea 2-3 times.


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