The Story

By Korsholm is founded and owned by Mette Korsholm who has more than 20 years professional experience as a therapist in the natural health industry.  Her background includes certifications in Massage, Occupational Therapy, Life Coaching, and Holistic Bio Medicine.

For years Mette has frequently visited India for spiritual training, education and for Ayurvedic Therapies. Ayurveda is an Ancient Indian Medical System known to be more than 5000 Years old (Ayur=life veda=science).

After experiencing the powerful effects of the ayurvedic oils, her interest in developing these magical oils awakened. Resulting in this powerful series of therapeutic oils. No.1 Balance, No.2 Strength and No.3 Calm.



Balancing Ayurvedic Body Oil provides a sense of balance and destress in a busy everyday life. Based on plant oils and herbs and enriched with essential oils of Vetiver, clary sage and bergamot the oil has a unique combination of balancing properties.



Strengthening and Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Body Oil relieves sore muscles and joints. Based on plant oils and herbs and enriched with essential oils of frankincense, Eucalyptus and rosemary, all of which are known for their strengthening properties. Provides mental clarity and is good for a tired or active body as it relieves pain and soreness in the muscles.



Calming Oil provides renewed vitality, wellness and softness to your skin and body. Based on plant oils and herbs, the oil has a pleasant intensity of essential oils of cedarwood and lavender, which are known for their relaxing effect. Soothing, healing and nourishing for all types of skin irritations. A gentle and nurturing oil that provides a sense of calm and wellbeing for sensitive beings.

Cashmere tørklæder

Combining the ancient knowledge of Indian Ayurveda with a Nordic sense of nature and wellbeing, byKORSHOLM provides you with the utmost sense of luxury and self-care. In a one of a kind collaboration between Danish therapist and biopath Mette Korsholm and a renowned Indian ayurvedic doctor, each product is made to combine spiritual healing and bodily self-care. byKORSHOLM is used in treatments by some of the world’s best spas and is formulated for daily use.


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By Korsholm - All oils can be used all over the body or for specifific areas as required.

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