The Story

By Korsholm is founded and owned by Mette Korsholm who has more than 20 years professional experience as a therapist in the natural health industry.  Her background includes certifications in Massage, Occupational Therapy, Life Coaching, and Holistic Bio Medicine.

For years Mette has frequently visited India for spiritual training, education and for Ayurvedic Therapies. Ayurveda is an Ancient Indian Medical System known to be more than 5000 Years old (Ayur=life veda=science).

After experiencing the powerful effects of the ayurvedic oils, her interest in developing these magical oils awakened. Resulting in this powerful series of therapeutic oils. No.1 Balance, No.2 Strength and No.3 Calm.

The oils are composed after old methods and recipes in collaboration with an Ayurvedic doctor in India. The products are 100% natural and each with a unique composition of herbs and essential oils that all support the body’s own ability to heal and feel rejuvenated. By Korsholm is an innovative and connecting brand where the mystique and wisdom of the East meets the aesthetic and sensuousness of the West. 

Quality, originality, sustainability and efficiency are the keywords, Mette has focused on along this journey.  The oils are useful for anyone who wants to benefit from the Wisdom of Ayurveda – this include massage therapists who seek intensity and depth in their treatments. 

The oils are excellent to use all over the body daily or when needed. When heating the oils before use, they offer an even more peaceful and relaxing experience. 

Mette / founder By Korsholm

I am proud that my passion, that started out as a hobby, has transformed into these oils. They can be used by professionals where a deeper effect is required and they can also be used in your daily wellness rituals and when extra care is required. The oils are for those who prefer wellness and self care in a healthy and natural way.

The 3 oils cover all the requirements I have had in more than over 20 years of working as a therapist and also on a personal note having had challenges finding products that actually nourishes, moisturizes and absorbs in my dry skin. 

I love swimming in the Sea all year around and to go to the sauna. My skin has always needed extra care to avoid dryness and irritated skin. This problem has been solved with these powerful oils that absorb quickly and nourish the skin. 

With a soothing and grounding effect, it is great to massage into your feet after a warm foot bath, bath or before bed time. BALANCE can be used on the entire body, but you can also just select specific areas such as: the heart area and lymphatic areas, to promote energy flow and provide a sense of well-being and focus. It’s also beneficial if you’re feeling stressed as it has a balancing effect.

Are you the active type, fast paced at work or do you have demanding activities, do you exercise and do sports? If you ever have had an injury or just soreness after straining exercise then STRENGTH is right for you. It is healing, uplifting, pain relieving and increases circulation as well as detoxifies. It is ideal for exercise or other physical activity, for massage of sore muscles and joints or as a post-traumatic self-help.

The CALM oil is developed for the sensitive person, it is especially good for skin problems, rashes or dryness. It revitalizes, increases cell renewal and promotes relaxation. It is perfect for holidays, where the body may be exposed to more salt water and sun. It offers general protection against changes in the weather, eczema, itching, anxiety or any other kind of nuisance. It is super nutritious and can also be used for post-natal abdominal skin, where it will appear healing and firming.

The oils can easily be used together, in each of their specific areas of the body, to do what feels right and what is most needed.


Combining the ancient knowledge of Indian Ayurveda with a Nordic sense of nature and wellbeing, byKORSHOLM provides you with the utmost sense of luxury and self-care. In a one of a kind collaboration between Danish therapist and biopath Mette Korsholm and a renowned Indian ayurvedic doctor, each product is made to combine spiritual healing and bodily self-care. byKORSHOLM is used in treatments by some of the world’s best spas and is formulated for daily use. 

All oils can be used all over the body or for specifific areas as required. / @bykorsholm

The By Korsholm oil is a 100% clean and natural product without chemical additives. It is made from a unique blend of herbs mixed with sesame oil and essential oils. The product is made in India using traditional methods and recipes in collaboration with an Ayurvedic doctor. The carefully selected herbs have been used for more than 1000 years in Ayurvedic treatments. The product is of the highest quality and has been approved by the EU and passed the standardized safety evaluation and been tested for clarity. The oil has been made with a focus on sustainability and with the greatest respect for nature. 

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